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Quality vs Quantity

Shopping for quality footwear versus buying in quantity has many benefits. Although tempting, purchasing inexpensive shoes will cost you more than just money in the long run.  The urge to buy trendy, inexpensive shoes can be very strong, especially in this day and age as we’re hit with marketing from every angle.  Below are some examples of the importance of buying quality footwear.

Reduced carbon footprint (literally):

If you are purchasing quality shoes you’re going to have the need to buy less often, and in turn you’re doing the earth (and yourself) a huge favor.


Invest your money into a quality pair of shoes that will last you for many seasons.  Although it may seem like you’re paying more up front for a quality pair of shoes, you’re just going to end up shelling out more money, more frequently if you choose to purchase cheap pairs of shoes because those items will not last.  If you calculate the cost per wear on a quality pair of shoes that you’ll get a lot of use from, chances are you’ll find that you’re actually saving money.

Better Foot Health:

If you invest your money in a nice pair of shoes, chances are that pair of shoes will be made with high quality materials that will provide your feet with support and comfort that they deserve.  Shoes with supportive materials ensure good foot health and lots of comfort.  You only have 1 pair of feet, so treat them with love and respect.  They will thank you!

Reasons To Invest in Quality Footwear vs Buying in Quantity


Classic silhouettes never go out of style.  If you buy a timeless item, you don’t have to worry about it looking dated in a few seasons.

Looking Your Best:

You’ll feel better because people will take you more seriously.  A polished look never goes unappreciated, so make an effort to pull together your ensemble with a pair of quality shoes.

Easier dressing:

Fewer pairs of nice shoes will make choosing an outfit a whole lot easier!  If you have a pared down, edited wardrobe that includes a couple pairs of quality shoes, you won’t have to scramble in the morning when it is time to get ready.

These are just a few of the many reasons to invest in quality footwear.  Shop timeless, dependent shoes made from quality materials at exotiqueshoe!

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